Nearly one in four South Asian New Yorkers live below the poverty level.

A family of two has to survive on just $16,020 a year.

with rising costs and predatory equity,

many South Asians face
harassment and displacement.

Together we can make a difference.

We can work to create opportunities
for immigrant communities

… and fight against hate and discrimination.

Let's Rise Together

Now, more than ever, we need your support to unite immigrant communities and give them the tools to advocate for themselves.
Let's rise together.

Select an investment amount:

Contribute towards a family buying their first home
Help a family realize their American Dream of buying their first home that they can afford and sustain. Your dontation will provide 10 hours of education and 22 hours of counseling — a minimum requirement for a low to moderate income family to qualify for an affordable mortgage program — a service that costs Chhaya upwards of $10,000 to provide free of cost.
Support our women's empowerment program
Support a Saathi member for $500, which helps low-income South Asian women find their voices and nurtures their entrepreneurial aspirations; while providing the tools to become self-advocating individuals of the society, in a safe space. Each Saathi cohort costs Chhaya upward of $7500 to run.
Build language skills for new immigrants
Build the English language skills of a promising young mind for $250, for whom language barrier keep them from accessing important resources and job opportunities. Its costs Chhaya over $1000 per student to provide ESOL classes for free.
Help preserve affordable housing in our communities
Help a household avoid displacement. This helps us provide comprehensive foreclosure prevention counseling that would otherwise cost them upward of $30,000 if they used a for-profit entity.
Support South Asian civic engagement
Help give the South Asian community greater attention from our elected officials and ensure that it receives adaquate resources and representation.
Another Amount
Support Chhaya's overall work
with a donation of your choice